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  • Always updated
    looking to the future

    Always updated
    looking to the future

    Because IT world is changing constantly we take care about the most advanced solutions, frameworks and technology to apply the IT evolution to your business.
  • Being Creative
    thinking about your needs

    Being Creative
    thinking about your needs

    Our main motivation is to be able to exceed expectations. Increasing your happiness at the work place is our award.
  • Building Solutions
    not disconnected pieces

    Building Solutions
    not disconnected pieces

    Keeping the focus in your long term requeriments we can help your business to be ready against changes.

Our Expertise
1st class enterprise solutions

10 years of experience so far. We believed in OpenSource when no one did. Now we feel being part about this movement.

Tip : Think about the solution, not the problem.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 99%

Business Process Management (BPM) 95%

Web Portal Solutions (CMS) 90%

Big Data & Enterprise Search 85%


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What We Do
Our Cool Skills

A highly skilled professional services
work together to deliver a first class final product.

J2EE Development
Custom enterprise solutions

Alfresco ECM Gurus
+10 different sectors

Web Portal Consultants
Content Management Systems

Linux supporters
(..and evangelists!)

Big Data
Enterprise smart search

BPM Experts
Modelling business process

The way we follow

Mobile first approach

Applying mobility during analysis phase we can create modern web applications ready to work in a multi-device scenario.

Elite Quality Code

Using last development tools, applying new methodologies and training the team we ensure the best quality in our work.

Project follow-up

Providing access to our customer to follow-up advances, changes, support, log time about their projects.

Last services
Portfolio summary

Activiti BPM
Big Data
Business Intelligence
Spring Surf
  • DOCile iECM - The next revolution

  • DOCile iECM customization

  • Alfresco Consultancy and Elastisearch Integration

  • Alfresco Intranet Web Portal development

  • Liferay custom portlets and Portal development

  • Liferay portal development

  • Alfresco and MS Navision integration

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J2EE Development

By offering one platform with faster solution delivery time to market, freedom of choice, and simplified connectivity, the J2EE platform helps IT by reducing TCO and simultaneously avoiding single-source for their enterprise software needs.


Alfresco ECM Gurus

Taking advantage about our experience in Alfresco full-stack since the beginning we are able to deliver whatever integrated solution in your corporative infraestructure. From simplest customizations to complex developments we can provide the solution you are trying to find.


Web Portal Consultants

Based in our expertise with Liferay or Spring/Spring Surf development we can bring you intranet/extranet solutions totally aligned with your needs, providing the possibility of a self-managed infraestructure.


Linux supporters

We are aware about the advantages that Linux adds in our day by day and for our customers with a licensing model free of charges. This is why we donate some part of our budget to some Linux distributions that help to us to be more competitive (Ubuntu OS and Debian mainly).


Big Data

Is time to filter, manipulate and search in your full data infraestructure. Mixing MongoDB, Hadoop, Elastisearch and other third party tools allows to us to do it in a really fast and easy way.


BPM Experts

Thinking about BPM as the integration key actor to glue your process and the data they need to manage. Standalone solutions, like Activiti BPMN, brings the opportunity to make it a (efficient) reality.